to our campaign website “Butler For Arizona.”

With encouragement from voters across Legislative District 7, I announced my candidacy to be your next Arizona State Representative. I sincerely request your support, encouragement, positive thoughts, positive energy, and most importantly your prayers as we proceed forward in our campaign. 

I am blessed to live, work, and raise my family here in our district. I understand firsthand the importance of family values, the work ethic of small businesses, the challenges and obstacles we face that make our district unique.

Like you, I want to see our communities thrive and succeed. To do this, we must practice teamwork and cooperation. We must think far-and-beyond partisan politics and bipartisan bickering that has crippled our ability to solve problems.

We must learn to work together to help improve our quality of lives. The same lives impacted by the need to improve services to our veterans, need to increase support for K-12 and postsecondary education, preservation of cultures and languages, preservation of state parks, strengthening of tribal and state government relations, overcoming budget cuts, increasing job opportunities, and improving healthcare systems.

Every day, we are faced with children who are at high risk of school failure, to seniors struggling to pay for medication on fixed incomes, to veterans traveling hours to seek healthcare, to single mothers struggling to feed their families. These are “real life” issues that matter and need attention.

Let’s strengthen advocacy for Rural Arizona!



Joshua Lavar Butler